HAPPY Day Mammogram with Ultrasound Breast

HAPPY Day Mammogram with Ultrasound Breast

โปรแกรมตรวจคัดกรองมะเร็งเต้านมด้วยเครื่องดิจิทัล และ ตรวจอัลตร้าซาวด์เต้านม สำหรับผู้หญิง

1,789 THB / set

Normal Price 3,900 THB

Mammogram are x-rays of the breast. Regular mammograms can help find breast cancer at an early stage.

Recommendations for mammogram if you have following conditions:
- Women at age 40 years.
- Annual screening until age 75 years.
- Who have a family history of breast cancer or genetic factors.
- People with dense breasts.

Benefits of mammogram screening
- Having regular mammograms can decreases the risk of dying from breast cancer
- A mammogram screening can find breasts changes that could be cancer  before physical symptoms develop.
- A mammogram reduce the risk of advanced breast cancer.

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