Eye Center

Eye Center at Samitivej Chonburi Hospital

utilizes standard equipment operated by our experienced physicians to provide the best ophthalmological care. Our team of specialized ophthalmologists are for both young and old patients. Our ophthalmologists are ready to perform vision check-ups and disease tests to glaucoma and cataract treatments.

Our Services

  1. Visual Acuity Test/Eye Examination
  2. Intraocular Pressure measurement
  3. Microscopic Examination of the Eyes
  4. Dilated Pupils Treatment
  5. Vision Measurement using Computer System
  6. Retina Abnormalities Examination
  7. Examination and Treatment for General Eye Disorders
  8. Phacoemulsification
  9. Pterygium surgery
  10. Surgery for Refractive Errors
  11. LASIK

Location : ชั้น 2 อาคาร B (Building B , 2nd floor)
Opening Hours : 8.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.
Tel no. : 033-038911
E-Mail : [email protected]