Rehabilitation and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Rehabilitation Center


Rehabilitation and Traditional Chinese Medicine Center Samitivej Chonburi Hospital provides care for a broad variety of patients, including those who require drug-assisted rehabilitation, heavy surgery recovery, occupational illness recovery, and physical therapy for athletes. We provide care to our patients so that they can better their physical and emotional health on their own. Some of our patients have acute symptoms while others have long-lasting persistent symptoms. Our mission is to provide patients with the quality care they need to rapidly regain their normal health.


Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center at Samitivej Chonburi Hospital has an expert staff that includes both experienced medical professionals and physical therapists for the best treatment. We consider it crucial to look after both the physical and mental health patients using our services. We are aware that regenerative medicine requires persistence and effort. Therefore, we have psychologists who can offer counsel and assist our patients at each phase.


Our Services

•  Orthopedic Analysis and Treatment

•  Physical Therapy

•  Consultation for Patients and Relatives

•  Peripheral Neuropathy Regenerative Medicine

•  Lung Disease Regenerative Medicine

•  Acupuncture

•  Alzheimer's disease screening services are provided by occupational therapists and include swallowing drills, which are frequently problematic for the aged, as well as rehabilitation in collaboration with a neurosurgeon and a brain physician

•  Evaluate and train for children's development to an appropriate growth with a team of pediatricians



Equipment and Medical Technology

•  Outpatient examination room by the doctor with equipment and tools at the Department of Orthopedics

•  Room for physical therapy, designed specially to increase relaxation

•  Acupuncture Room

•  Shockwave Therapy Machine, Electrical Stimulation Machine to reduce aches

•  Advanced Rehabilitation Machines and Equipment

•  Adjustable Bed for pressure adjustment and practice weight transfer for patients with clinomania

•  General Ultrasound Machine and ultrasound combined with electricity to reduce pain

•  Shortwave Diathermy Machine

•  Traction or Weighting Tools for the cervical and back vertebrae



Additional Products

•  Herbal foot bath for adjusting balance and relaxation

•  Chinese Herbal Compress which can be microwaved for 2-3 minutes before applying to the ache or desired area

Location : อาคาร B ชั้น 10 (Building B , 10th floor)
Opening Hours : 8.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.
Tel no. : 033-038816
E-Mail : [email protected]