Plastic Surgery Center

Plastic Surgery Center


Our Plastic Surgery Center provides surgical operation procedure to repair defects, congenital disabilities like cleft lips and palates, abnormal facial characteristics, etc. We also provide revision surgery on patients who have been in accidents and have face injuries and bone fractures.

A team of surgeons at Samitivej Chonburi Hospital is experienced and has received a diploma in cosmetic surgery. They perform surgery to enhance personality, increase confidence in living, and surgery according to your needs based on medical academic feasibility. Our team has the expertise to provide suggestions and guidance, as well as to discuss the pros and cons of various options for cosmetic surgery.


Plastic Surgery


•  Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery on the upper eyelids to create 2-layer eyelid. The eye bags surgery will help solve the problem of fat bags under the eyes and excess skin this will make your face look younger and brighter. Including surgery to correct ptosis or eye muscle weakness to see clearly affect the quality of life

•  Upper and lower blepharoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that creates 2-layer for your eyelid. By removing the excess skin and fat bags under the eyes, the surgery for eye bags will help you appear younger and more radiant. The quality of life is impacted by things like ptosis surgery and weak eye muscles that make it difficult to see properly

•  Augmentation Rhinoplasty and Nose Surgery on bridge of the nose for better look or narrow down the nose bridge to boost patients’ confidence

•  Lips Surgery – To add volume for patients with thinning lips creating a more youthful appearance using filler or patient’s fat transfer. For patients with thick lips, we provide lips trimming surgery to thin out the top lip or trimming to create a horn-chestnut shape. For patients with hanging lips, we provide reshaping or lip lift

•  Liposuction around the face or cheeks surgery to make the face appear slender are two liposuction procedures that can be used to reduce the size of the cheeks in patients with wide faces caused by large cheeks. Patients with sunken cheeks can restore the lost fat with additional fat to make their faces appear younger

•  Chin Augmentation tackles the issues for patients with short chin, cut chin, or no tip of the chin which makes patients’ face look round. Chin augmentation with silicone or fillers makes patients’ face look slender, more proportional, and more dimensional. For patients with long chin, we offer chin reduction surgery which removes some chin bones out

•  Otoplasty or ear surgery to change patients’ ears shape or ear lobes that have been pierced with large holes to be sewn to make it more beautiful

•  Facial Bone Structure Surgery to cut or reduce the size of patients’ cheekbones, jaw bone, and V shape face to appear more attractive

•  Rhytidectomy or Face Lift Surgery involves elevating the skin and tightening patients’ face tissues and muscles. The incision line will be hidden in the hair, hairline, in front of the ear, behind the ear, and the nape depends on the size and how much excess skin patient wants to pull up or removed

•  Breast Augmentation to increase the size of the breast to help boost patients’ confidence and enhance personality by using synthetic materials that are made into artificial breast bags which is made of silicone or patients’ own fat. There will be various volumes to choose according to the size the patient wants. We also offer breast lift for patients with sagging breasts

•  VASER Liposuction removes fat in specific parts such as arms, legs, stomach, or double chin


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