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Modern women care about their health. Prevent yourself from gynecological diseases with Per vaginal examination(PV).

How often you need to get screened for cervical cancer
If you’re age 21 to 29,
get screened with a Pap test or ThinPrep test every 1-2 years.

If you’re age 30 to 65, you have 3 options:
* Get screened every 1-2 years with a ThinPrep test
* Get screened every 3 years with an HPV test
* Get screened every 3 years with both a ThinPrep testt and an HPV test

*If you’ve had abnormal test results in the past may get recommend to screened more often base on doctor recommended.
*If you have a total hysterectomy both uterus and cervix have been removed the screening is no needed.
*If you have a partial hysterectomy where the cervix not removed or previous had cancer or precancerous should get screened regularly.


How to performed ThinPrep Pap
Lie on a table and place your feet in footrests. Health care provider will inserts a speculum into the vagina to open it slightly to see the cervix. Cells are gently collected from the cervix area and place into liquid bases solution before analysis

How to performed HPV
Lie on an exam table. Health care provider will use a speculum to widen the vagina, so the cervix can be seen. Then use a small, soft brush or swab to collect cells from the cervix. The cell sample is sent to a lab for testing.

Why do need an HPV test
You may need an HPV test to screen for cervical cancer if you:
* Had an abnormal result on a ThinPrep test. An HPV test can show whether HPV caused the abnormal changes in your cervical cells.
* Are age 30 through 65. An HPV test alone or an HPV/Pap cotest is recommended every three years as long as you have had normal test results.

What is difference between pap smear, Thinprep pap test and HPV
* The HPV test looks for the human papillomavirus that can cause cell changes on the cervix.
* The Thinprep Pap test will corporate advance technique to improve detection of abnormal cells and increase sensitivity of results.

Thin prep + HPV DNA Packages 3,288 THB
Thin prep 1,588 THB

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Preparing for the screening test and Package conditions.

1. The screening should be in before and after menstrual period or after menstruation for at least 5 days.

2. Health check-up package can be used for outpatient services only (OPD)

3. Please make an appointment prior to 1 day at the Women's Health Center. Open daily from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Call 033-038924, 033-038888 ext. 10233-10234
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