Let's Take Care of Your Kidney

(Hemodialysis Center) article author : Wuthinan Worrabannakorn, M.D.

Let's Take Care of Your Kidney

Take Care of Your Kidney

What is a kidney?

The kidneys are an organ like two reddish-brown bean-shaped, that organ located in the posterior abdomen on each side of spine.

Kidney function

1.Remove waste products from the body

2.Balance the body fluid

3.Balance the mineral; Sodium, Chloride, potassium

4.Release hormones that regulate blood pressure

5. Control the production of red blood cells

What is chronic kidney disease?

Chronic kidney disease is kidney damage and doesn’t work as well as they should. It’s permanent kidney damage and they function it can be developed to end stage of renal failure.

Cause of kidney failure

  • Diabetes Mellitus (Most common)
  • Hypertension (Most common)
  • Kidney stone
  • Nephritis (Inflammation of kidney); infectious, SLE, vasculitis
  • Gout disease or high level of uric acid
  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Herbal medication and herbals intake

The symptoms of kidney disease

  • The initial stage will not appear the symptoms. However, can be checked by blood and urine.
  • Abnormal urination sech as blood in urine, urine not clear, painful urination
  • Swollen ankle, feet, face, and hand
  • Tiredness, loss of appetite

How to prevent kidney disease

  • Annual health check-ups once a year
  • Dietary intake
  • Avoid salt intake, processed food.
  • Avoid herbal medication.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Frequently urination.
  • Regularly exercise.
  • Control risk factors such as keep blood pressure in normal range 130/80 mmHg, control accumulation blood sugar level < 7% (HbA1C <7%) based on doctor recommended.

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