Flu vaccine against COVID-19

(Wellness Center) article author : Siravij Dejdham, M.D.

Flu vaccine against COVID-19

Influenza is the leading cause of acute respiratory infections. There is a high mortality rate among pregnant women, the elderly and patients with chronic diseases.

flu symptoms

High fever or more than 38 degrees Celsius
muscle aches
runny nose and cough
may have pneumonia or complications that require hospitalization and death, especially in high-risk groups
How good is the flu vaccination?

prevent influenza Reduce complications and severity of disease
Reduce confusion in screening for co-infections between influenza and COVID-19
People who received influenza vaccine before contracting COVID-19 It also reduces hospitalizations.
preventive vaccination It's a very effective way to inhale. in preventing influenza Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Public Health of Thailand Influenza vaccination is recommended for people 6 months of age and older, once a year. For children younger than 9 years of age, get 2 doses, 1 month apart, after that, once a year.